Volunteering in York and Tadcaster is a great way to support our tenants with sight loss. Many of our volunteers make weekly visits to tenants in Wilberforce houses, sometimes just for a chat but often to help with some special interest like sewing, to read or to help write a letter

What special qualities do I need to be a volunteer?

Some spare time, an open and friendly nature, patience, adaptability and a sense of humour.

How much time would I need to give?

As much or as little as you can — it is your decision. Two hours a month or a day a week, all is equally valued but an occasional contribution, for example helping at a fundraising event, is also welcomed.

What will I get out of it?

The satisfaction of helping others and a valuable use of your spare time. The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Where could I volunteer?

You can volunteer in York and Tadcaster with tenants in the houses or at the Trust’s Head Office in Huntington, including in our new sensory hub.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers act as enablers. They help by supporting people both directly and indirectly. They cover a wide range of activities including:

  • crafts
  • music
  • cooking
  • volunteer driving
  • computer work
  • reading and poetry
  • visits and outings
  • gardening and fundraising
  • general office activities

The Trust Provides Training And Support For Its Volunteers

Would you like to join our volunteers?

Remember volunteering in York and Tadcaster gives:

A chance to meet new people, to develop new skills and to gain experience with the knowledge that you are respected and valued for your involvement.

If you feel you would like to know more about volunteering opportunities in any or all of our services, please contact Natalie Crowther


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