We have supported accomodation in York and Tadcaster

The Wilberforce Trust offers supported accommodation for people with sight loss and other disabilities across York and Tadcaster.

Each of our houses provides a welcome home for between two and five tenants, adapted with the specific needs of each tenant group in mind.

Our supported accommodation range from detached bungalows to two-storey semi-detached houses. Each is fitted with an accessible kitchen and bathroom, shared living area and private bedrooms. The houses all reflect the different personalities of the people living within the supported accommodation and tenants are encouraged to decorate their rooms as they would like.

Wilberforce provides up to 24 hour support to meet the daily living, social and emotional needs of each tenant. Embedded in local communities, each house has easy access to shops, transport, leisure and recreational facilities.

Whatever their level of ability, our tenants are encouraged to maximize their potential and enjoy lively social lives, be it within their local community, on trips further afield or on holidays in both the UK and abroad.

In addition to our rigorously trained staff team, we have a large group of dedicated volunteers who provide invaluable support.

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