World Hearing Day – World Health Organisation Message

“On World Hearing Day 2019, the World Health Organisation will draw attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. Many people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realize that they are missing out on certain sounds and words. Checking one’s hearing would be the first step towards addressing the issue. ”

This year World Hearing Day is on the 3rd March. The message for 2019 is to Check your hearing.  On World Hearing Day WHO will launch a free app that allows people to check their hearing. The HearWHO app will be used to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of hearing
  • Encourage people to check their hearing regularly and practice safe listening
  • Allow health workers to check the hearing status of people in their communities

WHO state that many of the causes that lead to hearing loss are preventable. Regular hearing checks can ensure that hearing loss is identified as early as possible so that you can take action and continue enjoying the sounds around you. When was the last time you got your hearing checked?

If you have concerns about your hearing you should visit your GP.