Staff from the Wilberforce Trust enjoyed a grand night out at a Great Yorkshire Fringe event on 22nd July.

Award-nominated comedian Georgie Morrell brought her show “A Poke in the Eye” to the Basement of York City Screen to a packed house.

Georgie went blind in one eye when she was a child following Juvenile arthritis (one of the lesser known side effects) and 10 years later went blind in the other eye following retinal detachment.

The show focussed on Georgie’s experiences 10 years ago of being blind for a year and was a thought provoking mixture of comedy, heart-warming truths and pathos. Georgie was only 21 at the time she lost her sight and living as an independent person in London.

One memorable part of the show was when she recounted the time, during her year of blindness, that her brother offered her a drink of water which was snatched away by her mother when it turned out to be a spider in an empty glass. Her brother’s continued practical jokes, while comical, helped her to realise that she was still the same Georgie with or without full vision.

Comedy (some of it black) and the support of her family, helped her cope with this life changing event. You can catch Georgie as she continues taking her show across the UK.

We are very pleased that Georgie has kindly agreed to be an ambassador for the Wilberforce Trust.