Today marks the start of Deaf Awareness Week 2018.

It is estimated that more than 10 million (about one in six people) in the UK have some degree of hearing impairment or deafness.

This week we are joining other local and national charities to  raise awareness of hearing loss and deafness across the UK.

The following is taken from the Action on Hearing Loss website:

Being deaf aware is very important so you don’t unknowingly exclude people who have hearing loss, or make their daily life more difficult. Luckily, it’s not difficult to improve your awareness and communication skills.

Whether improving your communication techniques, learning some sign language or supporting a family member with gradual hearing loss we can all be more aware.

If you are concerned about your hearing or would like some support living with your hearing loss our team of Community Sensory Officers can help. Our sensory services hub, which supports people living with sight loss, hearing loss or both, is open Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm where you are welcome to drop in for a chat. Alternatively you can call 01904 202292 or email