Tomorrow (Thursday 12th October) we will hold our second Certificate of Vision Impairment Group. The group is a great place to come for information about the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI).

The CVI formally certifies someone as sight impaired (previously referred to as partially sighted) or as severely sight impaired (previously referred to as blind).

Being registered as partially sighted or blind enables a person to access a range of benefits to help them manage their condition and the impact it may have on their lives. Registration is voluntary, and access to benefits and social services is not dependent on registration.

Our group will be joined by Nicola Edwards and Gwen Raynor from Age UK.

The group take place at our rooms in Huntington. 10:30am – 12pm.

To find out more please call 01904 202292 and speak to Kerry.

Some of this information was taken from the GOV.UK website.

There is an easy read version of the form on the GOV.UK website.