Following on from the announcement that York is to trial a 12 month A-board ban (providing approval is met on the 25th August) we thought we’d look at A-boards and why they cause issues.

A-boards are an advertising tool used by restaurants, cafes, shops, pubs and attractions to grab passerby’s attention and draw them in. They are heavy A shaped boards which are scattered across pavements and public areas.

When there are a number of boards these can cause obstructions and issues for a number of people. People affected include those with low vision, mobility issues, people who use wheelchairs and  parents with pushchairs.

When a pathway is obstructed it can be dangerous to these groups of people. They could fall and injure themselves, have to step into the road or get disorientated by the obstruction.

The RNIB supports a complete ban on A-boards. Which would enable many people to walk along their local streets without fear of colliding with heavy, painful obstructions.

If the proposal is approved at a public meeting on Thursday 25 August, the York ban will start on 1 January 2017 for a year-long trial

What is your experience of A-boards? Will you be glad to see the ban?

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