By Becky Spence

Our active sensory sessions are a great way to get some exercise, no matter how much mobility you or someone you care for has. As a fairly new member of staff, I went along to a session to see what really takes place.

The session takes place every two weeks in our conference room at Wilberforce House. As you enter the room there is music playing, lights shining and a feeling of anticipation in the air.

Sat around in a circle, everyone was ready to get going. First there were warm ups. Arm punches in the air, often in time to the music followed by an eclectic mix of creative actions. These ranged from swimming, skiing and even an elephant trunk.

using octaband at active sensory

After the warm up it was time to get out the activities. First out was the Octaband: this is a brightly coloured piece of material that has several ‘legs’. Each person took hold of a leg and pulled it together to perform the exercises. Bean bags were placed on the fabric and tossed high toward the ceiling. After this group activity the other games came out. There were skittles, dice throwing, a ball and net and even a giant Velcro dart board.

Everyone really got involved in the games. People were cheering each other on and everyone got to have a go. The different abilities meant making slight adaptations for each person, but it was great to see everyone really going for it.

To wind down, the parachute came out. Again everyone grabbed a piece and it was lifted gently up and down creating a calming breeze throughout the room. Objects were then placed on the parachute, these lit up and bounced throughout the room.

This session really is active and the hour and a quarter was soon over. It was great to see everyone taking something away from the session. Whether it was getting involved in the activities or enjoying the music and sensory sensations. There is something for all to enjoy.

Active sensory runs throughout the year.

To sign up or for further information call Bob Mitchell on 01904 760037 or 07939964230

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