Recently we have gathered together a collection of various items which we thought held more potential than to just be flogged at any old carboot, so we decided to try our hand at selling on Ebay. Being novices to the online selling world it was a relatively slow start; we had to get to grips with Paypal Giving Fund, learn how to price up antique German china and try to understand the prices of packaging and postage. However, in the end we have reached our goal, and we are now the proud runners of an active Ebay account! We’ve had a successful first couple of weeks, so touch wood the sales continue.

As we are registered as a charity with Paypal Giving Fund, it is possible for anyone to donate to us when selling items. If any of you were wanting to donate you simply have to visit this page –​-search?ps=10 – search for “Wilberforce” and then add us to your favourites. You can donate anything from 1% to 100% of your profits, and we’d appreciate anything you could spare.

Alternatively, drop off any items you wish to donate to us directly and we’ll pop them onto the site ourselves to save you the hassle.