Wilberforce tenants and a guest with sight loss from another York support organisation were joined in early March by a variety of small animals at the first of four weekly sessions in the Living&Learning Zone at the Wilberforce Huntington headquarters. Animals ranged from a tiny mouse to rabbits, a chinchilla, a skunk and an armadillo. Click on any of the thumbnail pictures below to see all the pictures full size as a slide show.


The second session introduced participants to a number of reptiles drawn from over 180 different creatures looked after by Sam’s Safari and introduced to people of all ages at educational sessions over the past 20 years.

Participants were looking forward to seeing who they would meet at the third session, perhaps some exotic insects, before choosing those they would like for a return visit at the fourth and final session.

News of the ‘safari’ quickly got out and all places were filled so a second series of four sessions has been arranged to start at the beginning of May.