Tenants June and Tina with support workers Martell, Samantha, Vicki, Nicole and Donna enjoying pyjama day

Tenant June (front left) enjoyed staying in her onesie while Tina (front right) took the pyjama day literally. Support workers (l to r) Martel, Samantha, Vicki, Nicole and Donna clearly enjoyed wearing ‘appropriate clothing’

Tenants, support staff in the Wilberforce houses, and staff at the head office, turned up for the day in pyjamas and onesies for the first Wilberforce Pyjama Day on 6 February.

Not being any moving equipment around on the day, Compliance and Quality Coordinator (and our Health & Safety hotshot) Alan managed not to haul anyone up for dangling pyjama cords.

It all began when Rehabilitation Officer Martin refused to believe that a member of staff would wear a tie to a function: “If he does, I’ll come to work in my pyjamas”, Martin declared. And so he did.

Everyone paid a small fee for the privilege of not ‘dressing appropriately’ that day and some acquired some sponsors, so a small amount on money was raised, all to be used towards activities for people with multiple disabilities – tenants and those from the local community – in the Wilberforce Living&Learning Zone at the Wilberforce headquarters in Huntington.