Dringhouses Beavers Beaver Scouts at Dringhouses, York, were fascinated to learn with Wilberforce about how to help people with sight loss during two sessions in October.
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Beavers are the youngest of the Scout groups – girls and boys between six and eight years old – and 49 of them took part in the Dringhouses sessions at their meeting place, St Edward’s church, Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses, York.

How to butter bread when you cannot see, how to know when a cup is full when you cannot see clearly, and how to write – ‘Bigger, Bolder and Brighter’ – for people with a visual impairment were among the things they learned in sessions with Wilberforce Rehabilitation Services Manager, Rachel Lintott, in a short and simplified version of the Visual Awareness Training which is offered by the Wilberforce Trust to anyone who must deal with people with sight loss and which is mandatory for every Wilberforce employee.

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The Beavers learned that most people with a visual impairment have some sight and that by changing daily activities a little, using various aids which can be made available to them, making things ‘bigger, bolder and brighter’, and good lighting will help them to be as independent as possible. Shown a writing frame one Beaver was heard to say “I could do with one of these to help me write straight”.

Visual Awareness Training

The youngsters all had an opportunity to get some idea of what a person with sight loss might experience, by wearing simulation spectacles – simspecs – which simulate various kinds of visual impairment. These are used too in the comprehensive Visual Awareness Training delivered by Wilberforce Rehabilitation Officers.

Low Vision Service

The aids the children used are all available for demonstration to people with sight loss when they visit the Wilberforce Low Vision Service, to show appropriate aids which might help them.  The Low Vision Service, at the Wilberforce headquarters in Huntington, is for people who find their sight loss adversely affects their daily lives even when they are wearing spectacles or contact lenses.